Drug Free Charlie CD was introduced to my first child when she was about 7 years old and has been a great educational tool in our household for many years. Now that I have a second daughter, who bares a 7 year age difference from her older sister…This is also a bonding tool for them.

They sing, dance, and laugh while the Drug-Free Charlie CD is playing. The girls enjoy this CD and always include it into their music stack for their birthday parties or just to listen and teach their family and friends the songs when they visit. My girls love each song but they really enjoy track 8…which identifies each immediate family member that are Drug-Free. We are a Drug-Free family.

As a parent who want the best for my children. I think that it is vital that we instill and teach our children when they are younger, so they can make better decisions as they become older. I don’t think they’ll be easily influenced by peers or others into the introduction of drugs. I have to say.  I have to say, what other way to teach the younger children than through song. These lessons are memories that will last a lifetime.  

I am glad that Drug-Free Charlie has come into our home early on in my children lives. It’s easier for me to talk to them, not just about being and staying drug-free but about what occurs in everyday life. Each song on this CD will help many parents that are unsure how to engage in the conversation about drugs with their children. The messages on this Drug-Free Charlie CD are educational, powerful, entertaining, and fun.

I’m also connected to the Drug-Free Charlie page on Facebook. I really like their involvement on social media. They post about hands-on activities that parents and children can engage in, such as coloring pages, fun treat recipes, and social events in the community.  

Shawn Thompson

“The Drug Free Charlie at Six Flags was a great event. Our kids really enjoyed interacting with Drug Free Charlie and learning about how to live a clean Drug-Free life.

It is really great to go for a family day of fun and have a little education mixed in that is presented in a way that kids enjoy and understand. Thank you Drug Free Charlie”

The Locher Family

WOW what an awesome time I had this past Saturday at Six Flags supporting our fellow BNI member Richard Van Dyke & spending quality time with my family.

Drug Free Charlie was a big hit with my 5 & 12 year old nephews, they absolutely loved the how. Richard’s true passion for Drug Free Charlie and it’s mission was on display.

There is no doubt in my mind that there will be many more shows in Richard’s future. If you missed it be sure to congratulate him on a job well done!!!

Maurisa Westbury, BNI Member

Hi Richard,

Thank you for stopping by the other day. My granddaughter (Taylor) is having a ball with her CD. She gave it to her cousins and by Saturday they knew all the songs.

If you need singers let me know. They want to sing on your next CD!



We love to hear how Drug Free Charlie has impacted the lives of children everywhere!  Here are a few testimonials that we have received from grateful parents and caregivers.  


Dear Mr. Van Dyke,

I received your Drug-Free Sing-A-Long CD. I played a few selections on my WCAO Radio Talk Show, “ Maryland Fun Time.” I immediately fell in love with the simple , direct anti-drug lyrics of the songs. This is the style of music that reaches the youngest students!

Your contribution to the war on drugs will save generations and brighten America ‘s future. Thank you for standing up for right and putting your time, energy and finances where your heart is.

You have an open invitation to appear on the radio with me to spread your message. I pray that God will continue to bless you in your attempt to put anti-drug information and teaching tools in the hands of teachers and parents.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.




I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell how great this CD has been for me and my son. Not only is he getting a very positive message but we have fun singing along together.

My mom works at a school and also was impressed with the CD and has asked the principal to review it. It’s late in the school year so nothing will get done until the end of the summer when they go over new material for the upcoming year.

Thanks again for the great CD and I look forward to the follow up.



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A number of years ago, early in the morning in my composing career, Richard Van Dyke hired me to help him arrange some wonderful short marches and rhymes into songs for a CD that young children would hear.

It was to convey an easy-to-remember message that drugs are not for kids. I am so very pleased to see that Richard has continued his work and the Drug-Free Charlie is thriving and that children are listening to the work we did together.

Having two children of my own, the message becomes even more critical to me today. Drugs are not for kids-yours or mine-or anyone else!

Dr. Jonathan Leshnoff,

Naxos Recording Artist and Associate Professor

of Music  

Towson University

Mr. Van Dyke,

I wanted to thank you for the Drug-Free Charlie CD.

My family listened to it on our way to a soccer game and then discussed the important message it had to say.

It was another way to bring up the "drug issue" with my kids and let them know how we disapprove of drugs.

I wish you lots of luck with it!