- Setting aside a particular time each day or week to hear, learn, and sing the Drug Free songs with your child(ren). Repetition and predictability are the keys to learning and absorbing these messages.

-  Read the Drug Free Charlie storybook and activity booklet with your child(ren) often.  You will find that they will soon be "reading" along with you, as with other favorite storybooks. Each page offers an opportunity for questions and conversation tailored to your own community and lifestyle, in a fun format that facilitates easy talk about difficult issues.

- Visit the Drug Free Charlie website frequently with your child(ren) for new songs, engaging videos, and Drug Free Charlie news. They will enjoy recognizing and singing along with the familiar tunes, too! 

Studies have shown that as children between the ages of 3 years and 8 years continually hear songs and stories, the messages they hear can have a lasting impact on their beliefs, behaviors, and decisions. The Drug Free Charlie website storybook, activity booklet, and musical CD are valuable resources that are designed to empower the youngest child(ren) in your care to develop the awareness and confidence to meet the challenges of "making the drug free choice" throughout their lives.

By using these tools regularly, you will expose children to positive message about healthy lifestyles and help combat the many negative messages our children experience from sources that we often cannot control.

Our mission is to promote awareness of the dangers of drugs and other harmful substances to children at an early age. To that end, we aim to provide parents with effective responses to potentially dangerous encounters.

To make most effective use of the Drug Free Charlie character and materials, we suggest:

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For parents and others who care for preschoolers:

Through Drug Free Charlie and an assortment of related products, Drugnet Enterprises seeks to assist parents and grandparents, teachers, daycare providers, and other caregivers as the endeavor to build strong and resilient children who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to combat negative influences that can pull them away from experiencing a bright future.