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We also invite corporate sponsorships from businesses that want to be associated with a Drug Free message in our community.

In the Drug Free Charlie Activity Book and Storybook we have opportunities for you to advertise your product to the thousands of kids and parents that use our material.

Your financial contribution will help Drug Free Charlie to get the message out to the children.

In addition to making a contribution, you can also check out our Start the Conversation page for drug free resources.

Complete the form on the right and we look forward to discussing available sponsorship opportunities with you.

Support Our Work/ Corporate Sponsorships

Drug Free Charlie ​relies on generous support from people like you to help us spread the word to our kids that they should make the Drug Free Choice!

Monetary contributions to Drug Free Charlie allow us to continue to work with America's children, families and communities.

Help us sustain and expand our work to deliver the Drug Free message to our kids!

Complete the form on the right and we will let you know how you would be able to help.