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The Drug Free Charlie show is an early prevention program designed to empower children on the elementary level.The performance for the Drug Free Charlie Show is in interactive format that requires students, Drug Free Charlie, and the host to participate.

Segment I – Introduction of Drug Free Charlie

The children will learn and sign 3 songs from our Drug Free Charlie Sing a Long CD and the Drug Free Charlie positive messages.

The songs are short and repetitive witch makes it easy for children to learn and remember.

Students will sing the Drug Free Charlie song witch is designed to give students the opportunity to meet and greet and take photos with Drug Free Charlie.

Segment II – Making the Drug Free Choice

Students will learn another drug free song (Stay drug free) including an additional Drug Free Charlie message.

In this segment students will interact with Drug Free Charlie, the host and our two separate stage props for the purpose of making a negative or positive decision.  

The props consist of a alcohol, tobacco,medicine and positive substances.

Segment III – The Drug Free Team Choice

Students will learn another Drug Free Charlie song. (The Drug Free Team) and another Drug Free Charlie message.

This session requires the students to make a decision as a team from our stage props of negative and positive choices.

Segment IV -  Reinforcement

Students coming together with Drug Free Charlie and host singing the Drug Free songs they learned and repeating the Drug Free Charlie messages.

After the Drug Free Charlie show students will be singing, dancing and talking about staying drug free.

The Drug Free Charlie Show Mission

  1. To make it possible for every child to know Drug Free Charlie and his positive messages.

  2. To make it possible for every child to learn and know a Drug Free song.

  3. To make is possible for every child to know the difference between a negative and positive substance.

  4. To make it easier for parents, child care providers, teachers and all organizations working with children,to talk to children about staying drug free.

  5. To have millions of children singing, dancing and talking about staying drug free.